Apple Macbook Hard Drive Upgrade


Is your Macbook running out of space? This can happen when you keep too much iTunes music and tons of pictures & videos on your hard drive. Luckily, FoolProof Systems can fix that for you with a new, bigger hard drive.

When you have FoolProof systems upgrade your Macbook, we include the new hard drive, data transfer, and testing as a complete package. We'll even come by and pick up the computer.

Choose from five upgrade options (for Macbooks, Macbook Pro's, and MacMini's):

  • $100 - Just Enough Space, 120 GB Hard Drive
  • $120 - More Space, 160 GB Hard Drive
  • $140 - Lots of Space, 250 GB Hard Drive
  • $180 - Tons of Space, 320 GB Hard Drive
  • $200 - The Most Space, 500GB Hard Drive

Our data transfer ensures that your Mac will operate EXACTLY as it is before and after the hard drive upgrade. The only difference is more disk space.


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