DVD to VHS Conversion

When you need to convert a DVD to VHS, you can count on Foolproof Systems to get it done fast. Our basic unencrypted* DVD to VHS service is just $15.99 per disc. High quality media is included in the price.


For a standard 2 hour DVD we can fit the entire disc in a single T-120 VHS video tape recorded at SP quality/speed. With our basic service, If your DVD is longer than 2 hours we will record at a lower speed (LP or EP) in order to fit it.

*Additional services may be provided depending on your project needs. To get pricing on advanced copy/conversion service, please contact us for complete information..


Call 239-963-8276 or email us now.


Digitize your old home videos into a more stable long lasting format.

Learn about our VHS to DVD conversion service.

MiniDV to DVD

We also convert from MiniDV cassets to DVD

MiniDVD to DVD

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