VHS to DVD Conversion

We can convert your old VHS tapes into DVD's for just $15.99 per tape, no matter how long it is (T-120, T-160, or T-180). We include single sided single layer high quality media and jewel case at no extra cost.


Your DVD's will be playable on all modern DVD players and computers compatible with the DVD+R format. Our basic conversion service includes a standard DVD menu with automatically generated titles and chapters.

Normally, one T-120 VHS tape can fit on a single DVD when the recording quality/speed is kept the same. For example, if the entire VHS tape is recorded in EP mode (8 hours), then the DVD will be recorded in EP mode.

It's important to keep in mind if there are multiple recordings with different speeds (SP, LP, or EP) mixed on a single VHS, then you may end up splitting it across multiple DVD's as our basic conversion service uses the speed found on the first recording. For example, your first recording is in SP mode while subsequent recordings are in EP mode.

Common Recording Times for a T-120:

  • SP: 2 Hours
  • LP: 4 Hours
  • EP: 8 Hours

Other VHS tape formats such as a T-160 or T-180 are not guaranteed to fit on a single DVD and may be split into 2 DVD's.



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